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It may seem like a pretty simple task to choose the engine oil that will suit your car. Many individuals think that the engine oils that feature the starburst symbols means that the oil meets up with and has been tested by the API (American Petroleum Institute). However, there are other considerations that include the two character “service designation” such as SL which is the latest standard set out by the API. The SL character is associated with engine and laboratory tests. Another consideration on choosing the right oil is involved with choosing the right viscosity that will be suitable with the temperature that your car usually runs at.

About Oil Viscosity

Viscosity is explained as how a fluid resists flow. Motor oil will become thinner when heated and then thicken again when it cools. This means that the correct additives in the oil can assist with ensuring the oil does not become too thin when it heats up. In general the thicker oils typically seals better as well as maintain a good film for lubrication between any moving parts.

About The Different Oils

When you visit an auto-parts store you will probably find a variety of oils that have been labeled for specific purposes. Some of these include SUVs, new cars, higher-mileage vehicles, high tech engines and heavy duty or off road vehicles. If you refer to the manual for your car, the manufacturer will recommend the type of oil you should be using if your car is still new.

Below are some of the choices on offer:

Premium Conventional Oil

This is standard type of oil for new cars. The majority of the leading brands will have one dedicated to service level that is available in different viscosities. Car-makers will specify either a 5W-30 or 5W-20 for the lower temperatures and a 10W-30 for higher-ambient temperatures.

Full Synthetic Oil

These oils are designed for the high-tech engines. If the oil has passed the strict specialized tests it will mean that the oil offers a long-lasting, superior performance in all important areas from protection from deposits to viscosity index.

Higher Mileage Oil

Today vehicles are made to last longer and the oils designed for these vehicles are formulated with specific seal conditioners that flow into pores in the seals and increase their flexibility and restore their shapes.

It is important to take the age of your car into consideration before choosing the right oil for your car. It is always advisable to ask for advice when you take your car in for its next oil change.

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