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winter tires southern mdWinter tires or we can say snow tires are especially built to use in ice and snow. Moreover, these tires have a larger gap than the other tires due to which they increase the traction on snow and ice in Southern MD’s harsh winters.

These tires are specifically designed for winter use but if you don’t want to buy this tire then you can also go for an all-season tire. As its name suggests all-season tires are tires that work best in all weather conditions.

Both all-season tire and snow tire are suitable to drive at a temperature below 7 degrees Celsius. So you can choose any of these tires for your vehicle.

We at Cheseldine Tire and Auto sell both these tires so if you are thinking to buy any of them you can easily buy it from us. Apart from this, we offer other tire-related services you can also check them out.

In this article apart from this, we will discuss how snow tires are made and what is the difference between snow tire and all-season tire.

How Snow Tires are Designed

Snow tires are the same as ordinary tires but there are three things that make them different from other tires

  • Tread Rubber: In extremely cold weather condition the tread rubber of summer tire is not able to provide enough traction. So to solve this problem snow tires are designed with the tread rubber that remains flexible and due to which it provides a better grip between tire and rod.
  • Tread Depth and Pattern: Winter tires have deeper tread and patterns. Moreover, deeper tread reduces the snow build up between the tire spaces due to which it provides better traction in the snow.
  • Biting Edges: Winter tires have an increased number of biting edges. Moreover, biting edges are the tiny slits that are present between the tread to provide traction on ice.

So if you are thinking to buy the snow tire for your vehicle then you can buy it from Cheseldineauto.

Winter Tire vs. All-Season Tire

Now after reading this you might be in the confusion that whether you should buy a snow tire or all-season tire. So the answer is simple it all depends on the weather condition where you live and where you drive a car.

If you live in a place where few snow flurries every year and very less time the rods are filled with snow then all season tires are the best for you. Go for an all-season tire without any doubt. But if you live in a place where the roads are usually filled with snow then you must go for snow tires.

It is essential for you to use snow tires in this condition otherwise it can some serious problems for you and may lead at an accident.

Moreover, remember one thing when you are changing your tires change all the tires of your car. If you only change the one side of tires either the rear side or front side then the other side tires might lose traction and might skid on the road.

There is no doubt that winter tires are superior in extreme weather condition but this tire wears faster in the dry and warm conditions.

So if you are planning to redefine your winter with a snow tire or all-season tire then we can be very helpful for you. Just select the tire you want and we will get everything ready for you. Moreover, apart from this we also offer other services you can check out all these services at Cheseldine Tire and Auto.


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