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southern md ride sharing Ridesharing keeps seniors on the move

Losing the ability to drive and get around is one of the most challenging aspects of growing older for seniors. This loss of independence can result in loneliness, depression and isolation. Often seniors have to rely on family to take them places, leaving them at the mercy of a friend or relative’s schedule.

Ridesharing services such as Uber, Lyft, Sidecar, and many others can fill the Southern MD transportation void for older adults and help them regain their lost independence. Many traditional paratransit services (door-to-door transit, often limited to those over 65 and disabled) may be less convenient than ridesharing services, and it may be challenging to find a company that services rural areas. Plus, reservations may need to be made a day in advance, with limited drop-off locations available. That makes it hard for seniors to make spontaneous plans, again taking away some of their independence. But flexible ridesharing services may provide the flexibility seniors are hoping for.

Southern MD Ride Sharing Services Makes Sense

Connecting with ridesharing services requires only a cursory education in mobile technology. According to a recent report from the Consumer Electronics Association, 46 percent of senior households have smartphones and 40 percent have tablets. Many seniors are becoming more tech-savvy, meaning they have the wherewithal to navigate apps and websites that can connect them with a ride. And if they aren’t, a quick primer from a young friend or relative can stoke their confidence.

Before engaging a ridesharing service, seniors should familiarize themselves with how such services work and take steps to ensure their safety.

  • Many ridesharing services are linked directly to a credit card account. Passengers should not have to pay in cash. If the driver requests it, this should raise a red flag. Report the driver to the service.
  • Confirm that the driver matches the profile and the vehicle that was indicated on the ride app. Never get in the car unless there is verification.
  • Ask for an estimate regarding the cost of the trip and if those costs can increase considerably during the ride. Budget-conscious seniors should avoid services whose rates can fluctuate dramatically after riders get in the vehicle.
  • Look into Uber ASSIST as another option. Seniors who require a little help to get in and out of the car or those who need wheelchairs or other devices can choose the Uber ASSIST option on their apps. This ensures their driver will be specially trained and is capable of helping with the transfer. New senior ridesharing services, such as Lift Hero in California, are now hitting the market as well.

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