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The Pros and Cons of Manual Transmissions and Automatic Transmissions

If you’ve already driven a stick shift or manual transmission, then you know one of the first cons people recognize is that they are more difficult to drive. Once you get it down, however, it’s like riding a bike. You do have to realize that cars that have manual transmissions can have their differences, but unless you’re driving a luxury sports car, it should be pretty much the same.

Of course, one of the pros of driving a manual transmission is that it’s a lot more fun. These types of vehicles also have more power, so if you’re looking to get from 0 to 60 in a few seconds, that’s the type of vehicle you want. Another pro is these vehicles are considered more manly and cool to drive.

If you were to take a guess, which type of vehicle do you think is best when it comes to maintenance costs? Many people would guess an automatic transmission would be easier to maintain, but they would guess incorrectly. Can you believe that those powerful manual transmissions are actually going to make for easier maintenance?

One reason why manual transmissions require less maintenance is because the engine oil used for them lasts longer than the transmission fluid used for automatic vehicles. Not only are you going to pay less maintenance costs, but you’ll also get better gas mileage. With all these pros, it seems as though they are going to outweigh the cons by far, right?

Well, there are more cons you haven’t explored just yet. For starters, it’s not just difficult to learn to drive a stick shift, but it’s not always easy on those hills that you will encounter. Some clutches can be more difficult and trickier than others, and you’re definitely going to have to be patient as you learn how to handle such a vehicle. You’ll get those driving skills down pat, and once you do, they say you’ll never want to drive an automatic transmission ever again.

As a person who has driven both, I can tell you that I’ve gone back and forth from manual to automatic transmissions throughout my lifetime so far. I do prefer a manual transmission, and there definitely seems to be more advantages to manual transmissions than disadvantages. It’s all about what you’re comfortable with driving, as safety should always be your first priority when out there on the road.