Maintenance Tips for Improving Gas Mileage in Southern Maryland.

Guide to improving gas mileage. Brought to you by an Auto Repair Shop near me in Southern Maryland.

gas pump2Sometimes a car will be noticeably out of tune or will have failed an emissions test. Fixing large issues like these will certainly improve gas mileage, but sometimes there are smaller improvements that can be made to get better fuel economy. If you’re interested in getting the most bang for your buck at the gas pump, make sure your car is working smoothly. Check out these vehicle maintenance tips for improving gas mileage and see if there are any tips on this list that you can tackle today.

1.) Check Your Tire Pressure 

If your tires are under inflated, you’re wasting money on gas. You can improve your gas mileage by about 3% by just keeping your tires at the right pressure. For every 1 psi that your tires are under inflated, your gas mileage decreases by 0.3%. You can determine the proper tire pressure by checking the sticker on the driver’s side door jam, or by looking in your vehicle’s maintenance booklet. Auto repair shops warn people against using the number printed on the sidewall of the tire as a guide.


2.) Use the Right Oil

The next time you change your oil, make sure you grab the right type. You can improve your mileage by 1% to 2% by just using the right engine oil. Also look for an oil that says “energy conserving” on the bottle to make sure it contains friction-reducing additives that will extend the life of your motor while improving gas mileage.


3.) Add a Fuel Injector Cleaner 

Cars with clean fuel injectors accelerate more efficiently and require less gas to do so. Fuel injector cleaner is added right into your gas tank when you fill up and works its way through the car as the gas is used. Once the fuel injector cleaner has all made its way through the system, you’ll notice that you’ll start getting better gas mileage because you’ll be using less gas every time you try to accelerate.


4.) Clean Out the Interior

Think about how much stuff you haul around in your vehicle. If you’re carrying unnecessary weight, you’re killing your fuel economy. The more your vehicle has to haul, the lower your gas mileage will be, so it’s a good idea to take unnecessary items like books, trash and other weighty goods out of your car whenever possible.


Use these simple vehicle maintenance tips to get the best gas mileage possible brought to you by an Auto Repair Shop in Southern Maryland. These tips may seem simple, but when done regularly, they can increase your gas mileage a noticeable amount to make driving a little less painful on your wallet.