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Veterans Day in Southern maryland

Remembering our veterans

The men and women who defend the liberties and freedoms of the countries they represent hold a special place in people’s hearts and an eternal spot in their countries’ histories. Any opportunity is a good time to commemorate the bravery…

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transmission repair Near me Waldorf

Plan your fall foliage road trip through Southern Maryland

Autumn is a great time to embark on road trips in Maryland and take in the awesome spectacle of fall foliage. Come autumn, thousands of motorists take to the highways and backroads to experience the ever-changing landscape made beautiful by…

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mechanic stool with wheels near by Huntingtown

Driving in Southern MD with the environment in mind

Properly inflated tires can improve fuel efficiency in Southern MD, benefitting the environment and saving drivers money at the gas pump. Many people aspire to live more eco-friendly lifestyles. And while those same people may think driving less is one…

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emissions testing in Chesapeake Beach

Reduce Vehicle Fuel Emission

Can drivers in Southern Maryland can reduce fuel emissions? Individuals who drive to work can reduce fuel emissions dramatically by taking public transportation to and from their offices. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, many cities across the…

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small engines repair close by North Beach

Learn to tow cargo safely

Towing Tips from Cheseldine Tire an auto repair shop serving St. Mary’s County MD.   The size and weight of a trailer and the cargo it’s towing must be considered before embarking on a trip. Warm weather is on the…

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Be Car Care Aware in my area Southern MD

10 Tips for Fall Car Care

Our Top 10 Tips for Fall Car Care 1. Check Your Car’s Brakes Because brakes are the most used and often abused components of your car, they should be checked annually. Every time the brakes are applied, the brake pad deteriorates….

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Dodge Challenger car services in Charlotte Hall

The 2015 Dodge Challenger

Muscle car enthusiasts may not be able to resist the 2015 Dodge Challenger, which affords drivers even more opportunities to fulfill their need for power behind the wheel. Newly available for 2015 Challengers is the 6.4-liter HEMI® V8 engine, which…

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senior driving in st. marys county

Is Your Car Ready for Summer Vacation?

Getting Your Car Ready for Summer Vacation School’s out and it’s time to plan the family vacation. If you’re traveling by auto, it’s time to think about vehicle safety checks that should be made by a qualified auto technician before…

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ase certified logo in Mechanicsville

Following Factory Maintenance

The Importance of Following Factory Maintenance Instructions There is a difference between auto repair and maintenance as well as DIY auto repair and professional auto repair service. This AAA video provides reasons why it’s important to follow your car’s factory…

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Automotive Gas pump in my area Southern MD

Maintenance Tips for Improving Gas Mileage in Southern Maryland.

Guide to improving gas mileage. Brought to you by an Auto Repair Shop near me in Southern Maryland. Sometimes a car will be noticeably out of tune or will have failed an emissions test. Fixing large issues like these will…

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auto repair service in Calvert County

Why a clean air filter is important in your vehicle

Air filters need to be changed regularly to maintain the right flow of air into the engine and to protect the engine from debris. Motorists routinely check their tires for proper inflation, top off engine fluid levels and maintain oil…

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mechanic stool with wheels near me Solomons

Warning signs a tire is about to go flat

Routinely checking tire pressure and inflating under inflated tires is one way drivers can reduce their risk of flat tires and blowouts on the road in Calvert County. Few drivers will be fortunate enough to go their entire driving lives…

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new technology in automobile lights near me in Southern MD

Technology can help extend the life of your lights

Automotive News Near Me (St. Mary’s County MD):  Perhaps no aspect of life has gone untouched by technology in the 21st century. Technology has changed the way we communicate, how we watch television and listen to music and even how…

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michelin TIRE ad july 2015 in Piney Point

DRIVE AND SAVE NOW! MICHELIN® Premier® family of tires.

Be on the road to carefree travel. Be part of the Summer sales with the MICHELIN® Premier® family of tires. From parents shuttling kids around in minivans and SUVs to truck-driving construction workers traveling to jobsites, summer means Southern Maryland is on…

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Tires for sale in St Marys county md - california md

Rubber-Where it’s from

Rubber – Where it’s From, Latex Extraction & How Tires are Made – 1920s Silent Action – Tree to Tire Rubber – 1920s Silent film showing rubber extraction, where it comes from and manufacturing: tires and rubber sheeting. Rubber is…

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Tres for sale in Southern Maryland

Michelin all season, summer and winter tires are available at Cheseldine Tire and Auto. Founded in 1888 in France, Michelin is the world’s largest tire producer with company offerings fitted as original equipment by premiere automotive names such as Mercedes-Benz, Acura,…

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young life in southern maryland

Cheseldine in the community

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Learn how Cheseldine Auto Group is helping the kids in the community.How Cheseldine is helping the children in St. Mary’s County… and you can too!