Maintenance Is Key

Maintenance Is Key To Keeping Your Brakes In Good Condition in St. Mary’s County MD

brake repair servicesOne of the car systems that we take most for granted is our brakes. Every time that the person in front of us decides to cut into our lane and we are forced to slam on them, without even thinking about it. However, brakes are a system that has to stop thousands of pounds every few minutes. That is why it is important that we go through routine maintenance to prevent any major problems from happening with our brake systems, an idea that we will explore here.

Listening To Your Vehicle in St. Mary’s County

The first thing that you need to make sure that you are doing is listening to your brakes. One of the first signs that you will need to have brake repair in the future is that your brakes are beginning to make squealing noises when you are trying to stop. This typically occurs when the brake pads have worn down over time and reached the level where they are beginning to lose their effectiveness in stopping your vehicle. This level of brake maintenance is simple and can be repaired with an inexpensive trip to your local repair shop.

Vibrations When You Stop

Another way that you can tell that it is time to have brake repair performed on your vehicle is if you begin to feel vibrations when you go to stop. This typically signifies that your brake rotors are worn and could be warping, which does not allow your brake pads to grip against them properly, resulting in the vibrations. This is also a moderate level of brake repair that can be prevented from turning into a larger problem through proper maintenance. You will need to have new rotors added to your brake setup, but that can save you more effort and money in the future.

Your Brakes Feel Squishy

One of the other tell-tale signs that it is time to have some brake maintenance performed on your vehicle is if the pedals begin to feel squishy or if they sink all the way to the floor. This is often a sign that you do not have sufficient levels of brake fluid in your vehicle or that you have a brake fluid leak. In most cases, you will have a warning light come on in your vehicle in the case that you are losing significant amounts of brake fluid. However, this is not always the case, and you may need to leave towels under your vehicle to see what type of fluid is leaking.

It is important that you take your vehicle to a qualified brake repair specialist so that they can make this diagnosis and fix your fluid levels. You should not attempt to guess what type of brake fluid your vehicle needs, but know that this brake repair can be a part of regularly scheduled maintenance.

You can avoid spending a lot of money on repairs by undergoing some of this basic maintenance. Listen to your vehicle and note changes in performance throughout the year. This will let you drive safely while keeping your overall vehicle costs low.

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