Engine Repair

We know Engine Repair!

engine repairWith over 70 years of experience in the auto repair industry around Maryland, Cheseldine is a state of the art car repair shop with only the best equipment and finest of technicians being used for your vehicle.

So why choose us for your engine repair? The answer is simple “we know engine repair” and we always get it right!

We have the best engine repair technicians in St. Mary’s County.  Each of our dedicated and highly trained technicians are well exposed in several fields of engine repair issues. Every technician has the exact same caliber as the other which is why you will never have scope to be dissatisfied with the services of our team.

Every technician possesses and maintains manual, testing and specialty tools needed for today’s complex auto engines.  We invest heavily in these tools but are aware that they are indispensable for handling sophisticated on-board engines..

We have 12 individual service bays with lifts, which can fit in vehicles from 4,000 pounds to over 20, 000. Each service bay individually handles quick engine oil changes as well as deep repairs, from transmission replacement to rear end rebuilds.

Engines making an uncanny knocking noise or stalling unexpectedly is never a good sign and can lead to further problems. You can bring your vehicle in at Boswells where our experienced Auto Service Professionals will carry out an engine diagnostics test.

Often when an engine “dies” it does not necessarily men you have to discard your vehicle completely. We at Boswells can help you by updating rebuilding or replacing the engine rather than having you replace the entire vehicle. We specialize in making things easy and affordable for you.

We provide an unexpectedly customer friendly engine repair experience right from the moment you enter our store. Our waiting rooms are comfortable with on the house Wi-Fi connection, coffee free water bottles etc. Our stores are well lit and recognizable at night for the convenience of anyone who has an engine breakdown at an odd hour.

We assist you in avoiding high costs for engine repair through our routine engine checkups. We maintain all previous records of all the engine services done on your vehicle and ensure that you keep up to date with the maintenance and service recommendations suggested by your vehicle manufacturer.

At Boswells we know that engine oil is the “life blood” of your car and engines will undoubtedly fail you if the oil is running low or is unclean. We provide the best engine oil replacement and refilling services to ensure smooth running of your vehicle. We believe that regular oil changes will help you cut down on expensive vehicle repair costs in the long run.

Additionally, our engine experts at Boswells replace your vehicle’s timing belt at the intervals recommended by your manufacturer. We ensure that at every visit our team checks the engine for coolant leaks, aging or cracks in the radiator hoses for long run engine maintenance.

Don’t back down from bringing your vehicle to Cheseldine Tire the moment you see the first signs of engine trouble like Engine noise, or stalling. We are at your service to investigate and solve your engine problems quickly and efficiently.

If you live in St. Mary’s  County MD, and your brakes need repair call a top engine repair facility. 301-863-5800