Cut Commuting Costs

Repair Shop Tips to cutting commuting costs

cut commuting costs1. Don’t be Cheap

Gas is expensive – it’s a fact, and though it is a hard fact to fact, that can’t affect your car. By spending a little more at more reputable gas stations, an SUV can receive richer, higher-quality gasoline, making the gas actually last a lot longer in the end. By spending more initially it’s possible to save more in the long haul thanks to the quality gasoline put into the SUV.

2. Pick the Best Car Insurance

Liability insurance is cheaper than full coverage insurance, but the Maryland Auto Repair Shop always recommends splurging a little on full coverage, just like gas. Many people use national insurance companies, which is why their full coverage plans might be so expensive. However, most local insurance companies actually work on rates with every individual, their prices are almost always lower, and there’s always the bonus of that in-person, warm customer service.

3. Throw the Key Chains Away

Car keys that have a lot of key chains or other key chains attached to them can make them a lot heavier than they actually are. The ignition switch in each SUV is designed to handle only so much weight, so over time, most Maryland Auto Repair Shops see ignition switch failure just because of this avoidable problem.

4. Babies Don’t Have to be Messy

Well, actually, babies are messy, but the SUV doesn’t have to suffer for it. Placing a towel, blanket, or something else that can easily be taken out of the SUV and cleaned under a baby seat can prevent any food droppings or other messes that babies create so easily.

5. Keep Using the AC

Most people notice that their AC goes out quickly in the beginning of the summer. This is because of the AC not being used for the cold winter seasons. By just letting the AC flow for a few minutes maybe once a week, an SUV keeps the AC’s moving parts from freezing, and keeps the seals completely pliant.

6. Change Oil Before the Due Date

Many SUV and car manufacturers alike recommend changing oil every 5000 or sometimes every 10,000 miles. However, changing the SUV’s oil regularly rather than waiting is always an excellent option, and will definitely extend the life of the car tenfold.

7. Know About the Transmission

The number one biggest problem that cars have been breaking down is the transmission. This can easily be avoided. Changing the transmission fluid and filter every 25,000 miles, every two years, or as the owner manual recommends – whichever comes first each time – will keep a transmission healthy and stable for longer, according to local Maryland Auto Service Stations.

8. Get Tires Rotated

A more obvious tip, but important nevertheless, is getting the tires on an SUV rotated regularly. As a rule of thumb, tires should be rotated every 6,000 to 7,500 miles, or according to the owner’s manual instructions.

9. Hide in the Shade

Over time, an SUV or any vehicle can become sun-damaged, both inside the vehicle and on the paint outside, thanks to sitting in the sun constantly. By picking a garage, a shadier area, or somewhere that prevents the sun from hitting an SUV as much – or even just using a sun visor – will make the look of the SUV last much longer than usual.

10. Wash in Winter

No one washes their SUV in the winter months – but they really should. Corrosion and rust happen easiest when temperatures are below freezing, so making sure the car or SUV is kept warm and dry whenever possible will prevent that for a very long time. Many people don’t do this because they think the snow or slush will wash the car off, making it look just as bad anyway and not worth the trouble. What those people don’t realize, though, is that snow is mixed with sand and other dirty particles that make a car look even worse in the long run if something is not done.

Thanks to sound advice from Cheseldine Tire,  an auto repair shop in Maryland, it’s easier to take care of an SUV like never before. By following the precautions, tips, and tricks, keeping an SUV or any vehicle looking like it just got off the car lot is easier than ever, and worth less the time.