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Engine Repair

4 reasons for a check engine light

The first indication that your vehicle needs repair is often the check engine light. In Southern Maryland, vehicles rely on many components working harmoniously to function at optimal capacity. Any number of systems can go wrong, and oftentimes the first indication that something has gone awry is an illuminated dashboard signal. One such signal is the […]

Why a clean air filter is important in your vehicle

Air filters need to be changed regularly to maintain the right flow of air into the engine and to protect the engine from debris. Motorists routinely check their tires for proper inflation, top off engine fluid levels and maintain oil change schedules. But some drivers do not understand the importance of keeping engine air filters […]

Southern Maryland Auto Maintenance Guide

ATTENTION SOUTHERN MARYLAND Auto Maintenance Guide – What You Should Know, And Other’s May Not Tell You Maintaining your vehicle is not just important to keep it running smoothly and efficiently but vital to ensure it remains in a safe driving condition. When it comes to auto maintenance, it is definitely a case of prevention […]

Your Engine Is Misfiring- Now What?

Your Engine Is Misfiring- Now What? It is a cold day and your car has a little more trouble starting up than usual. Soon enough that becomes a strong bucking sensation and you have to rev the engine a few times for the RPMs to settle back down. Your engine has misfired and all you […]

6 important automotive factors to save you money on maintenance

Regular Auto Maintenance can save you Money Folks throughout Southern Maryland rely on their car or any other vehicles to go to the workplace, travel with family and get home sooner. Though lots of benefits are related with cars, most owners ignore the regular maintenance of their vehicles to save money. While they may save […]