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Auto Repair Shop Checklist

Download a Free Auto Repair Checklist We’re here to help.  We Provide Unbiased, Expert Advice.  

How to Choose The Right Auto Repair Shop

Choosing the right auto repair shop is important to the health of your vehicle! Be sure to download your complimentary report on: “Everything You Must Know Before Hiring an Auto Repair Shop”. We are confident that this report will answer most of your questions.  And it will do it in a no-pressure way so you […]

Don’t Wait until it’s Too Late to find a Good Auto Mechanic

Don’t Wait until it’s Too Late to find a Good Auto Mechanic If you wait to find a good mechanic in Southern Maryland until your brakes desperately need to be fixed, or the muffler falls off your car, it’s going to be too late. Once you’ve reached this point your emotions are involved and you’ll […]

Leaves present a vehicle hazard in Southern MD

Falling leaves present a beautiful safety hazard Autumn and driving seem to be tailor-made for one another, and they can be if motorists exercise caution when driving near fallen leaves. Watching leaves turn brilliant shades of color and fall from the trees is a favorite activity each fall. Drivers travel near and far to witness […]

Ridesharing Tips

Ridesharing is a growing trend among travelers from all walks of life.  Some proponents of ridesharing support the concept because they feel it’s an eco-friendly means of traveling, while others find it’s a great way to save money. Still others employ third-party ridesharing services as a responsible, affordable way to travel when going out for […]

Road Trip Vehicle Technology

Tech to take along on your next Southern Maryland road trip. Road trips hold a special place in the hearts of many people from Southern Maryland.  The open road and the freedoms it represents have been romanticized by writers and travelers since automobiles became accessible to the masses. While many drivers still take to the […]

Motor Oil and the Environment

Attention Southern Maryland: It’s Important to keep the environment in mind when changing motor oil Vehicle engines rely on many components to run efficiently, and motor oil is just one of the things that can affect how well engines run. Motor oil serves to reduce wear on moving parts. Oil also cleans, inhibits corrosion, improves […]

What to do about about Recall

What to do when faced with auto recall What we hope you learn from this article: What you can do if you live in St. Mary’s County MD and your car is recalled Why vehicles are recalled What is an automotive recall In St Mary’s Count MD, new cars are purchased or leased to provide […]

Cut Commuting Costs

Repair Shop Tips to cutting commuting costs 1. Don’t be Cheap Gas is expensive – it’s a fact, and though it is a hard fact to fact, that can’t affect your car. By spending a little more at more reputable gas stations, an SUV can receive richer, higher-quality gasoline, making the gas actually last a […]

10 SUV Care Tips

10 Tips to Care for Your SUV A Message from Cheseldine Tire Unfortunately, many SUVs break down, and become piles of junk, all because car owners don’t know how to fully take care of their beloved vehicle. To make it last longer and give it those few extra miles, follow the tips below, recommended by Boswell’s […]