Arrange transportation for safe entertaining


Party hosts who plan to serve alcohol should arrange for transportation to ensure their guests arrive home safely.

Party Transportation in Southern Maryland

Party hosts are tasked with a number of responsibilities as they try to coordinate successful events. Although planning menus and entertainment might be a host’s top priority, consideration also should be given to keeping guests comfortable and safe, particularly at parties where alcohol will be served.

Protecting guests in Southern Maryland begins with being a responsible party host. It is hosts’ duty to monitor their guests’ alcohol consumption and to recognize when guests have had enough. Having a designated bartender at the event can help limit how much people are being served.

Hosts also may want to have several transportation options at the ready to take party participants home after the festivities. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 30 people in the United States die every day in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. Preventing tipsy party guests from driving home can reduce the number of injuries and deaths on the road.

Explore the options for safe party travel and have a contingency plan in place if one of these options falls through.

· Designated driver: Hosts can choose to remain sober at their parties and shuttle guests home if need be. Otherwise, ask someone else to abstain from alcohol and drive others home at the end of the night.

· Taxi service: Hosts can make arrangements with nearby taxi companies or car services to arrive outside their homes at the end of the party. If the party is being held somewhere other than your home, carry taxi business cards with you to arrange for pickup at the venue.

· Van or bus rental: Party buses can be a safe and fun way to transport guests around. This can be the ideal option when bringing a large group of people to the same venue or on a long-distance trip. Some party buses provide on-board entertainment, such as televisions or gaming options. Hosts also can rent extended vans from car rental companies or consult with a limousine service.

· Public transportation: Public transportation is a safe and affordable way to get guests home safely. Buses and trains can be inexpensive choices and safe methods for getting people home. Have bus or train fare available in the event guests do not have any cash on them.

Keeping guests safe is a priority for party hosts. Arrange for transportation if alcohol is being served so partygoers can get home safely. DE15B389