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Automotive manufacturer takes a cue from NASA

Did you know? Automotive manufacturer takes a cue from NASA

Auto repair,  Auto manufacturer plantAt least one automotive manufacturer has taken a cue from NASA and offers drivers what they believe to be the ultimate in passenger comfort – zero gravity seats. These seats, available on various Nissan vehicles, are designed to maximize comfort while reducing fatigue. In space there is no gravity force, so people can assume a relaxed posture that is comfortable and minimizes stress on the body. The zero gravity seats mimic that by trying to create a neutral posture position. These specially designed seats offer continuous support for the hips, pelvis, chest, and back. The cushions also flex in response to unique pressure points on the body. People who frequently take long car rides or find their body feels tired after sitting in the car for long stretches of time may benefit from zero gravity car seat technology. These seats became a new feature in 2015 on various Nissan models. Other vehicle manufacturers also may have seats that offer similar support systems.